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Welcome to Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News, where podcast hosts @adam_turner and @alexkidman speak to Australia's leading technology journalists every Friday to get the stories behind the tech news of the week: Pocket Cast

Nov 15, 2018

Foxtel's launching a sports streaming service in competition with itself, while CBS All Access and Disney+ are incoming, but are fractured services really what we want?
Special guest DeciderTV editor-in-chief Steve Molk.
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Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News - podcast hosts...

Nov 7, 2018

The ACCC's broadband report suggests that NBN speeds are up, but not for everyone. Meanwhile, Vodafone's added 11 countries to its $5 roaming deal, but can you do better? And are folding phones finally ready for prime time? Special guest editor-in-chief Angus Kidman. Vertical Hold is brought to you by...