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Welcome to Australian tech news podcast Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News, where co-hosts @adam_turner and @alexkidman speak to Australia's leading technology journalists every Friday to get the stories behind the big tech news of the week: Pocket Cast

Feb 21, 2019

Is it worth getting excited about Samsung's Galaxy S10? Are folding phones ready for the big time? What should we expect from 5G at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona? Guests News Corp national tech editor Jen Dudley-Nicholson @jendudley, NetComm's Els Baert @els_baert Vertical Hold is brought to you by...

Nov 22, 2018

Amazon lets Aussies back into its US and UK stores, while Sony's the latest gaming firm to abandon E3 and Steam flips to charging (or is it overcharging?) in Aussie dollars in the latest episode!

Special guest co-host Leigh Stark from!

Vertical Hold is brought to you by Belkin.

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